Hey Yaniv,

thanks in advance

ethtool eno2 | grep Speed

always brings up 10.000. So i tought there is maybe a config File in ovirt that 
change it or something.

Or will it use the OS information direct?

Im not sure why the VM´s are getting slow. But when I run an Monitor tool to 
check the Bandwith it never excet 1000. Maybe he just don’t need more for the 
Copy Job

I have no explanation

fact ist – when I deploy the same Template about 10-15 Times they are getting 
rly slow.

The RAM and CPU is morgen then 70% Free.

Ill tried to Stress the Storage a bit.

Opened nload and created some VM´s, created Templates, created Pools and and and

An I was wrong:

Max: 8.09 GBit/s

I can life with that. The Performance issues sees to be Gone for now. Maybe it 
was just the 4.2 Upgrade. I have no idea

But everything seems to work fine. Sorry for wasting your tim e

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On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 8:24 AM, Thomas Fecke 
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Hey Guys,

I got a kind of strange Question:

We got some Hypervisors connected to an x86 Storage ( NFS )

The Machines are connected via 10 Gbit with that Storage. When I try to rsync 
some Files we reach almost the Maximum Bandwidth.

But, when I copy some VM´s, Templates or do something Stroage related in Ovirt 
I just can reach 1000 M/bit.

Is there any kind of “Config Limitation”?

My biggest Problem:

We work a lot with Templates. When I deploy 10 VM´s based on one Template the 
VM´s are getting very slow and the Storage seems to be the Problem

Please verify all your hosts, and especially the SPM, are connected with 10g 
(and have negotiated with 10g and not 1g, etc.)

Thanks a lot

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