Hi oVirt people,
I have setup a new cluster consisting of many oVirt Nodes with a single
dedicated oVirt Engine machine.
For the most part things are working, however despite entering the DNS
search domain during install on the Nodes the management interface is not
aware of my search domain and it has not been added to /etc/resolv.conf
(perhaps that is unnecessary?).
I eventually worked out that the DNS search domain should be included in
However as per the header/warning, that file is generated by VDSM.
I assumed that I should be able to edit the search domain with vdsClient,
but when I run "vdsClient -m" I don't see any options related to network
I found the following page on DNS config:
But it does not seem to offer a way of specifying the DNS search domain
(other than perhaps directly editing /etc/resolv.conf - which is
generated/managed by Network Manager).
nmcli reports that all of my interfaces (including ovirtmgmt) are
"unmanaged". Indeed when I attempt to run nmtui there is nothing listed to
This should be really simple! I just want to add my local search domain so
I can use the short name for my NFS server. I'd appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance,



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