Hi Guys,

I've a 3 machine pool running gluster with replica 3 and want to add two more machines.

This would change to a replica 5...

In ovirt 4.0, I'd done everything manually. No problem there.

In ovirt 4.2, I'd used the wizard for the hosted-engine. It looks like the fourth node has been added to the pool but will not go active. It complains gluster isn't running (which I've not manually configured /dev/sdb for gluster). Host install+deploy fails. Host can go into maintenance w/o issue. (Meaning the host has been added to the cluster, but isn't operational)

What do I need to do to get the node up and running proper with gluster syncing properly? Manually restarting gluster, tells me there's no peers and no volumes.

Do we have a wizard for this too? Or do I need to go find the setup scripts and configure hosts 4 + 5 manually and run the deploy again?



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