I am currently trying to attach Glance (OpenStack Image) and Cinder
(OpenStack Volume) as external provider and am facing a problem when
trying to use https in the Provider-URL on an ovirt 3.6 and 4.1 cluster.

The Provider-URL I am using is in the form:
https://<host>:9292 (or port 8776 for Cinder - <host> is either a fqdn
or an IP-Address)

Whenever I press the "Test" button in the "Add Provider" dialog I get
the message "Test Failed (unknown error)." There is no entry in any
logfile whatsoever (at least not in any logs that are associated with
ovirt). I would expect an ssl cert dialog here. I can telnet to the
destination ports from the engine and the nodes so Clance and Cinder are

I have also read that this might happen, if there is a corrupted
But this file is not even existing and when i create it by hand, it is
not touched.

How can I get this to work or even get an error message that gives me a
hint where to look?

Thanks for your support,

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