Environment Rundown:

OVirt 4.2
6 CentOS 7.4 Compute Nodes Intel Xeon
1 CentOS 7.4 Dedicated Engine Node Intel Xeon 
1 Datacenter 
1 Storage Domain
1 Cluster
10Gig-E iSCSI Storage 
10Gig-E NFS Export Domain
20 VM’s of various OS’s and uses 

The current cluster is using the Nehalem architecture.

I’ve got the deploy two new VMs that the current system will not allow me to 
configure with the Nehalem based cluster, so I’ve got to bump up the 
architecture of the cluster to accommodate them.

Before i shut down all the current VMs to upgrade the cluster, I have some 
questions about the effect this is going to have on the environment.

1. Will all of the current VM’s use the legacy processor architecture or will I 
have to change them ?

2. Can I elevate the cluster processor functionality higher than the underlying 
hardware architecture  ?

3. In regards to the new cluster processor, will all of the processor 
architectures below the one I choose be an option for the existing and future 
VMs ?

I apologize for the long post and I hope that I haven’t left out any vital 
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