Also keep in mind that extensive logging in the vm's can seriously 
impact your fs performance, so using a central syslogserver is a really 
good idea.


On 2018-04-06 17:03, Karli Sjöberg wrote:
> Den 6 apr. 2018 15:46 skrev Jayme <>:
>     Yaniv,
>     I appreciate your input, thanks!
>     I understand that everyone's use case is different, but I was hoping
>     to hear from some users that are using oVirt hyper-converged setup
>     and get some input on the performance.  When I research GlusterFS I
>     hear a lot about how it can be slow especially when dealing with
>     small files.  I'm starting to wonder if a straight up NFS server
>     with a few SSDs would be less hassle and perhaps offer better VM
>     performance than glusterFS can currently.
>     I want to get the best oVirt performance I can get (on somewhat of a
>     budget) with a fairly small amount of required disk space (under
>     2TB).  I'm not sure if hyper-converged setup w/GlusterFS is the
>     answer or not.  I'd like to avoid spending 15k only to find out that
>     it's too slow. 
> What is "too slow" for you, what are your expectations?
> Much depending on that, you will find that different goals require 
> different tools. Like hammering on a screw and all that :)
> /K

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