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> > you just need to keep the supported versions in mind. Version 4.2
> supports
> > Cluster levels 3.6, 4.0, 4.1(same as version 4.1) - so any of them is ok
> >
> Perfect, thank you for the confirmation.
> To change the compatibility level of DC, i've seen that all clusters
> require has to be upgraded.
> Does the upgrade of the DC requires the restart of all the VMs to have
> the cluster completely upgraded or restarting the VMs is an activity
> indipendent from this?

You won't have to restart the running VMs.
You'll see that VMs that were running at the time of the cluster upgrade
are set with custom-compatibility-version that matches the previous
compatibilty-level of the cluster. So obviously, VM-specific features that
were added in 4.2 won't be applicable to those VMs until they are restarted
(and then their custom-compatibility version is cleared so their effective
compability-level would change to 4.2).
But even when some VMs are set with custom-compatibility-version, the
cluster is upgraded and so it should be possible to upgrade the DC.

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