Log file error is:

2018-04-09 15:05:09,576-04 WARN  [org.ovirt.engine.core.bll.RunVmCommand]
(default task-28) [5f605594-423e-43f6-9e42-e47453518701] Validation of
action 'RunVm' failed for user admin@internal-authz. Reasons:

On 9 April 2018 at 15:03, Scott Walker <crim...@unspeakable.org> wrote:

> Now suddenly I'm getting
> All my original storage domains are still there and are local ones. I
> added the ISCSI domain just to see how it worked (and removed it).
> What can I do to fix this?
> "Cannot run VM. Running VM can not contain disks which are stored on a
> backup storage domain."
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