a few days ago I installed an ovirt-engine following the steps of the 
documentation. After the installation I logged in to the admin page, configured 
a datadomain and changed the admin password. After a few hours I tried to login 
again, using the new password and got "Unable to log in because the user 
account is disabled or locked. Contact the system administrator." So I unlocked 
the admin account from the shell using "ovirt-aaa-jdbc-tool user unlock admin" 
which worked fine and I was able to continue working till the next login.

I traced the /var/log/ovirt-engine/engine.log and found this after unlocking 
the admin account again.

2018-04-12 09:06:19,984+02 INFO  
(EE-ManagedThreadFactory-engineScheduled-Thread-87) [2ed5aa42] Lock Acquired to 
2018-04-12 09:06:19,991+02 INFO  
(EE-ManagedThreadFactory-engineScheduled-Thread-87) [2ed5aa42] Running command: 
SyncNetworkProviderCommand internal: true.
2018-04-12 09:06:20,102+02 INFO  
[org.ovirt.engine.extension.aaa.jdbc.core.Authentication] (default task-239) [] 
locking user: admin due to interval failures
2018-04-12 09:06:25,046+02 ERROR [org.ovirt.engine.core.sso.utils.SsoUtils] 
(default task-239) [] OAuthException access_denied: Cannot authenticate user 
'admin@internal': The username or password is incorrect..
2018-04-12 09:06:25,049+02 ERROR 
(EE-ManagedThreadFactory-engineScheduled-Thread-87) [2ed5aa42] Command 
'org.ovirt.engine.core.bll.provider.network.SyncNetworkProviderCommand' failed: 
EngineException: (Failed with error Unauthorized and code 5050)
2018-04-12 09:06:25,050+02 INFO  
(EE-ManagedThreadFactory-engineScheduled-Thread-87) [2ed5aa42] Lock freed to 

It seems like the SyncNetworkProviderCommand is somehow locking the admin 
account. I already restarted the whole machine but it didn't help.

Can someone please point me in the right direction, where to find the error?

Thanks in advance
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