Dear oVirt Team,

after trying to reboot a hosted engine setup on oVirt 4.2 the VM won't
come up anymore.
The qemu-kvm process is there but we're unable to access the VM using
- the serial console (simply does not show anything, does not react to
characters typed)
- VNC / Spice because the hosted engine vm.conf does not contain any
graphics device.

Before trying to reinstall, we'd like to recover and debug what is going on.
We mounted a Centos7 install .iso and started the VM using
hosted-engine --vm-start
But we still have to problem, that the serial console does not show
anything and there is no way to connect using VNC.

So, what is the recommended way to move forward in such situation?
IMHO the classical way would be to add a graphics device and connect via
I did not use the serial console much, up to now. Should the serial
console show any output during boot?

Thanks for your help,


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