Hi all!

I wanted to check from your experience what would be the best approach to
change the IP addresses of the engine and hosts on the management network.
I have a 3 node cluster (in production) on ovirt 4.1 with engine and hosts
resolving through /etc/hosts files on hosts and engine. The hosts have been
added using their fqdn (host.domain) and not IP address, so what I will be
changing is their IP and their domain part at /etc/hosts and to add them
with their new domain at engine.

Example /etc/hosts: engine.domain host1.domain host2.domain host3.domain

I have also gluster storage configured on a separate network which will
remain the same.

How you would go for this with the minimum hassle? Is the engine going to
complain or get confused with these changes?

Many thanx,
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