On 04/16/2018 10:02 AM, Alexander Wels wrote:
> On Friday, April 13, 2018 6:48:31 PM EDT ~Stack~ wrote:
>> It just sits there and in the log files there is the below messages
>> repeating. It's like it doesn't care for the fact that this was an
>> imported domain or something.
>> Thoughts?
>> Thanks!
>> ~Stack~
> Don't know too much about the VDSM side of things. But obviously its looking 
> for a storage domain it can't find anymore. You can try restarting VDSM 
> (won't 
> affect running VMs) and see if rescans the available storage domains and 
> won't 
> try to access it during the migration of the VMs. Other than that I don't 
> know.

No worries. Thanks for responding. One of my hosts has gone berserk
anyway so I'm just going to do a complete fresh reinstall tomorrow.

The host says "Host has no default route" which is a load of bull.
There's nothing wrong with the default route or network connectivity.
However, oVirt puts it into non-opperational where it will sit for about
20 minutes. When it finally actually stops that process, it immediately
(milliseconds later) puts it into "activating" but then complain about
the default route and the whole process starts over again.

There's something wrong with this install so I'm just going to take the
nuke-it-from-orbit-and-start-over approach tomorrow morning.


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