Could someone please provide advice on a production oVirt instance that fails 
to upgrade to 4.2.3?

Engine and hosts are all running CentOS 7

As per the upgrade instructions in the release notes I run:
# yum install http://resources.ovirt.org/pub/yum-repo/ovirt-release42.rpm
# yum update "ovirt-*-setup*"
# engine-setup

Then I answer the questions and it fails with:
[ INFO  ] Upgrading PostgreSQL
[ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Misc configuration': Command 
'/opt/rh/rh-postgresql95/root/usr/bin/postgresql-setup' failed to execute
[ INFO  ] Yum Performing yum transaction rollback
[ INFO  ] Rolling back to the previous PostgreSQL instance (postgresql).
[ INFO  ] Stage: Clean up
          Log file is located at 
[ INFO  ] Generating answer file 
[ INFO  ] Stage: Pre-termination
[ INFO  ] Stage: Termination
[ ERROR ] Execution of setup failed

When I check  /var/lib/pgsql/upgrade_rh-postgresql95-postgresql.log:

Performing Consistency Checks
Checking cluster versions                                   ok
Checking database user is the install user                  ok
Checking database connection settings                       ok
Checking for prepared transactions                          ok
Checking for reg* system OID user data types                ok
Checking for contrib/isn with bigint-passing mismatch       ok
Checking for invalid "line" user columns                    ok
Creating dump of global objects                             ok
Creating dump of database schemas

lc_collate values for database "postgres" do not match:  old "en_GB.UTF-8", new 
Failure, exiting

I have tried running the script here: 
https://gist.github.com/turboladen/6790847 and rerunning engine-setup but it 
fails with the same error.

Can anyone offer any other suggestions?

Best regards

Ian Fraser

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