I am having to rebuild my ovirt instance for a couple of reasons.  I have 
setup a temporary ovirt portal to migrate my setup to while i rebuild my 
production portal.  

I have run int a couple of VM's that will no longer start.  

Everything that i am seeing is identical to this article - 

VM devel-build is down with error. Exit message: Bad volume specification 
{'serial': 'ec7a3258-7a99-4813-aa7d-dceb727a1975', 'index': 0, 'iface': 
'virtio', 'apparentsize': '1835008', 'specParams': {}, 'cache': 'none', 
'imageID': 'ec7a3258-7a99-4813-aa7d-dceb727a1975', 'truesize': '1777664', 
'type': 'disk', 'domainID': '2b79768f-a329-4eab-81e0-120a81ac8906', 
'reqsize': '0', 'format': 'cow', 'poolID': 
'9e7d643c-592d-11e8-82eb-005056b41d15', 'device': 'disk', 'path': 
'propagateErrors': 'off', 'name': 'vda', 'bootOrder': '1', 'volumeID': 
'8f4ddee4-68b3-48e9-be27-0231557f5218', 'diskType': 'file', 'alias': 
'ua-ec7a3258-7a99-4813-aa7d-dceb727a1975', 'discard': False}.

Currently running version

Is there anyway to recover the image, or even just be able to mount the 
drive to another vm to extract data.

Thank You

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