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From: Leo David <leoa...@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 8:24 PM
Subject: VM hanging at boot - [drm] Initialized qxl
To: users@ovirt.org

Hello everyone,
I have some Centos7 vms created from template ( CentOS 7 Generic Cloud
Image v1802 for x86_64 )
I have alocated planty of resources to them,  but they all have this issue
when starting, they hang with the following message in console about 5-7

[drm] Initialized qxl 0.1.0 20120117 for 0000:00:02:0 on mirror 0

After a while,  vm eventually boots up...
Running self-hosted ovirt-node 4.2
Does anyone know what could be the issue for this behavior ?
Thank you !
Best regards, Leo David

So i have installed both ovirt-guest-agent-common  and spice-vdagent. It
makes no difference, kernel hangs exaclty 5 minutes at each reboot, with
this message.
Any thoghts on this ?
Being a bit stucked on this issue,  I can't move forward in configuring vms
and getting them into testing/production.

Best regards, Leo David
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