Can you provide full engine and vdsm logs?

On Mon, Jun 18, 2018 at 11:20 AM, <> wrote:

> Hi,
> We're running oVirt 4.1.9 (we cannot upgrade at this time) and we're
> having a major problem in our infrastructure. On friday, a snapshots were
> automatically created on more than 200 VMs and as this was just a test
> task, all of them were deleted at the same time, which seems to have
> corrupted several VMs.
> When trying to delete a snapshot on some of the VMs, a "General error" is
> thrown with a NullPointerException in the engine log (attached).
> But the worst part is that when some of these machines is powered off and
> then powered on, the VMs are corrupt...
> VM myvm is down with error. Exit message: Bad volume specification
> {u'index': 0, u'domainID': u'110ea376-d789-40a1-b9f6-6b40c31afe01',
> 'reqsize': '0', u'format': u'cow', u'bootOrder': u'1', u'address':
> {u'function': u'0x0', u'bus': u'0x00', u'domain': u'0x0000', u'type':
> u'pci', u'slot': u'0x06'}, u'volumeID': 
> u'1fd0f9aa-6505-45d2-a17e-859bd5dd4290',
> 'apparentsize': '23622320128', u'imageID': 
> u'65519220-68e1-462a-99b3-f0763c78eae2',
> u'discard': False, u'specParams': {}, u'readonly': u'false', u'iface':
> u'virtio', u'optional': u'false', u'deviceId':
> u'65519220-68e1-462a-99b3-f0763c78eae2', 'truesize': '23622320128',
> u'poolID': u'75bf8f48-970f-42bc-8596-f8ab6efb2b63', u'device': u'disk',
> u'shared': u'false', u'propagateErrors': u'off', u'type': u'disk'}.
> We're really frustrated by now and don't know how to procceed... We have a
> DB backup (with engine-backup) from thursday which would have a "sane" DB
> definition without all the snapshots, as they were all created on friday.
> Would it be safe to restore this backup?
> Any help is really appreciated...
> Thanks.
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