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On 19/06/18 19:25, Joop wrote:
> On 19-6-2018 17:26, Jacob Green wrote:
>> I just did not know where to look for the errors, I now see that it is
>> telling me it is failing on this package "collectd"
>> So when I go to my host and I run *yum list collectd *I see that
>> collectd is available to install via EPEL repos. _/Note: I did not
>> setup this cluster not sure if epel is normal./
>> So looks like my problem here has to do with the epel package being
>> available and being newer?
> There is a warning on the ovirt site about enabling epel :-)
> Disable the epel repo and just use yum install whatever
> --enablerepo=epel just in case you need it.

In my opinion this is bad advice, as keeping the repo disabled (but
still obtaining packages from it occasionally) will mean you never
automatically receive updates to packages you've installed from it.

Instead, I recommend that you edit /etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo and add
the line "exclude=collectd*" under the "[epel]" heading. I've only ever
seen issues with the collectd packages from EPEL and no others.

If you want to be a bit stricter you can instead only
"include=<packages>" the packages that you are specifically interested
in. In my case that's too many packages to be practical.


Chris Boot
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