Just tried to update my test cluster to :

[ INFO  ] Stage: Misc configuration
[ INFO  ] Running vacuum full on the engine schema
[ INFO  ] Running vacuum full elapsed 0:00:04.523561
[ INFO  ] Upgrading CA
[ INFO  ] Backing up database localhost:ovirt_engine_history to
[ INFO  ] Creating/refreshing DWH database schema
[ INFO  ] Configuring Image I/O Proxy
[ INFO  ] Configuring WebSocket Proxy
[ INFO  ] Backing up database localhost:engine to
[ INFO  ] Creating/refreshing Engine database schema
[ ERROR ] schema.sh: FATAL: Cannot execute sql command:
[ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Misc configuration': Engine schema
refresh failed
[ INFO  ] Yum Performing yum transaction rollback

May or may not be relevant in this case but /tmp and /var/tmp are mounted
Any more logs you need let me know.

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