> I have a CentOS 7.5 system running the oVirt-Engine package as the manager 
> for three oVirt
> Nodes (version 4.2). Two of the nodes have a 200GB disk and one has a 2GB 
> disk. I am
> attempting to create a Gluster Volume that replicates between the two 200GB 
> disks with the
> 2GB as Arbiter. 
> When I create the bricks by going to Hosts > host1 > Storage Devices > Create
> Brick (with the 200GB device selected), it succeeds, but no bricks appear 
> under the Bricks
> tab for the Host. Doing the same for host2 and host3 results in the same 
> problem. 
After creating the brick from the UI can you try clicking on sync once and wait 
for the notification.
> If I run the following command on a host `gluster volume create test-volume 
> replica 3
> arbiter 1 192.168.5.{50,60,40}:/gluster-bricks/200GBbrick/test`, it creates 
> the volume
> correctly and the bricks then appear as they should. However, then these 
> Bricks are
> labeled as "Down" and when I go to Storage > Volumes, I get this error:
> ```
> Uncaught exception occurred. Please try reloading the page. Details: 
> (TypeError) : Cannot
> read property 'a' of null
> Please have your administrator check the UI logs
> ```
> The Volume is also shown as "Down". SELinux is enabled on my CentOS 7.5 
> system.
> I'm not really sure what the correct method is to create bricks then a Volume 
> in
> Gluster through the oVirt Management UI, but I've followed the guides and 
> this is
> where it has got me.

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