we have the current setup.

=> 1 datacenter on site A with 1 cluster which is compose of 3 hosts and a 
self-hosted engine
=> 1 datacenter on site B (let's call this TATA) with 1 cluster compose of 3 
hosts which is using glusterfs. This datacenter is managed by the self-hosted 
engine on site A

We want to create on site B another datacenter with 1 cluster and another 
self-hosted engine
then disengage datacenter TATA from self-hosted engine on site A.
after that, we want to import all the ressource on the self-hosted engine on 
site B

Is it possible to do this without loosing VM on glusterfs ?
Off course VM will be shutdown during the operation.

I mean, when a host is added on a new datacenter, ovirt will install package if 
necessary. Is there any way that ovirt manager erase actual configuration ?
Is it safe to do this operation ?
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