On Wed, Nov 14, 2018 at 4:47 PM Karli Sjöberg <ka...@inparadise.se> wrote:

> Hey G!
> Didn't you write some time ago that you used FC storage? Perhaps you can
> answer Jacob's question...
> /K
> Den 14 nov. 2018 16:39 skrev Jacob Green <jgr...@aasteel.com>:
> I just have a few simple questions, have you migrated a fiber
> channel storage domain from one ovirt environment to another? And how
> did it go, did it just work aside from having to import all the vms and
> configure their settings was it any more difficult than that?
> We want to migrate our fiber channel storage with VM's intact from an
> oVirt 4.1 environment to a brand new oVirt 4.2 environment.
I did something similar in the past with these differences:
- oVirt was the same on both source and dest env
- oVirt version was probably 3.6
- none of the two FC sans were visible by one environment

What I successfully did was something like this, copying lun-to-lun over

create target lun of same size as source
we stopped all the vms on source side
detached the storage domain on source side
copy over network from one lun to the other one with something like this
connected to source_node1

dd if=/dev/mapper/lun1 bs=1024k | gzip | ssh target_node1 "gunzip | dd
of=/dev/mapper/lun2 bs=1024k"

imported domain on the new environment
Then, imported all the vms.
I remember I only had problems with importing templates.

Probably there is a related mail of mine in the archives.
I can check it and report...
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