I am trying to integrate ovirt and foreman, foreman is able to create VMs but 
fails to provision them correctly (image/template based). The IP address does 
not get set to the correct one, cloud-init doesnt run either since the password 
is not correct after booting.

My questions are the following: 

1. how does the normal provisioning setup looks like (using image/template)? I 
assumed it would just provision it depending on my puppet classes after 
booting, is this incorrect?

2. What does foreman *need* from ovirt? does it need a template that for 
example already has puppet installed? I assumed this was not the case... 

3. How is it possible to initially "seed" the vm with the puppet master details 
when not using cloud-init (which seems optional), what magic can make this 
happen behind the scenes? is it something like libguestfs? Can I just use a 
cloud glance image like "centos 7 generic cloud v1805" and import that as a 
template and then create a host on foreman using this template? and then it 
should provision it?
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