Hi all,

I have ovirt 4.2.7, self-hosted on top gluster, with two servers.
I have a specific VM which has encountered some snapshot issues.
The engine lists 4 snapshots and when trying to delete one of them I
get "General
command validation failure".

The VM was being backed up periodically by a python script which was
creating a snapshot -> clone -> export -> delete clone -> delete snapshot.
There were times where the VM was complaining of some illegal snapshots
following such backup procedures and I had to delete such illegal snapshots
references from the engine DB (following some steps found online),
otherwise I would not be able to start the VM if it was shut down. Seems
though that this is not a clean process and leaves the underlying image of
the VM in an inconsistent state in regards to its snapshots as when
checking the backing chain of the image file I get:

*b46d8efe-885b-4a68-94ca-e8f437566bee* (active VM)* ->*
*b7673dca-6e10-4a0f-9885-1c91b86616af ->*
*4f636d91-a66c-4d68-8720-d2736a3765df ->*
6826cb76-6930-4b53-a9f5-fdeb0e8012ac ->
61eea475-1135-42f4-b8d1-da6112946bac ->
*604d84c3-8d5f-4bb6-a2b5-0aea79104e43 ->*
1e75898c-9790-4163-ad41-847cfe84db40 ->
*cf8707f2-bf1f-4827-8dc2-d7e6ffcc3d43 ->*
3f54c98e-07ca-4810-82d8-cbf3964c7ce5 (raw image)

The bold ones are the ones shown at engine GUI. The VM runs normally
without issues.
I was thinking if I could use qemu-img commit to consolidate and remove the
snapshots that are not referenced from engine anymore. Any ideas from your

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