I am currently setting up an Ovirt cluster in a test environment and cannot get 
the hyperconverged setup to run properly.  I have installed 3 nodes on version 

I keep getting the following error -

TASK [Create LVs with specified size for the VGs] ******************************
failed: [node01.ovirt.local] (item={u'lv': u'gluster_thinpool_sdb', u'size': 
u'1005GB', u'extent': u'100%FREE', u'vg': u'gluster_vg_sdb'}) => {"changed": 
false, "item": {"extent": "100%FREE", "lv": "gluster_thinpool_sdb", "size": 
"1005GB", "vg": "gluster_vg_sdb"}, "msg": "  WARNING: Pool zeroing and 3.00 MiB 
large chunk size slows down thin provisioning.\n  WARNING: Consider disabling 
zeroing (-Zn) or using smaller chunk size (<512.00 KiB).\n  Volume group 
\"gluster_vg_sdb\" has insufficient free space (157261 extents): 343040 
required.\n", "rc": 5}
        to retry, use: --limit @/tmp/tmpbXqHhw/lvcreate.retry

All 3 nodes have an /sdb installed which are different sizes but all in excess 
of 450Gb.  I have specified JBOD in the setup.

I have tried reducing the size of the engine, data and vmstore bricks to 50Gb 
each instead of the default but the installation still fails.

I think it has something to do with the thin provisioning but not sure what.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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