I'm abandoning my production ovirt cluster due to instability.   I have a 7 
host cluster running about 300 vms and have been for over a year.  It has 
become unstable over the past three days.  I have random hosts both, compute 
and storage disconnecting.  AND many vms disconnecting and becoming unusable.

7 host are 4 compute hosts running Ovirt 4.2.8 and three glusterfs hosts 
running 3.12.5.  I submitted a bugzilla bug and they immediately assigned it to 
the storage people but have not responded with any meaningful information.  I 
have submitted several logs.  

I have found some discussion on problems with instability with gluster 3.12.5.  
I would be willing to upgrade my gluster to a more stable version if that's the 
culprit.  I installed gluster using the ovirt gui and this is the version the 
ovirt gui installed.

Is there an ovirt health monitor available?  Where should I be looking to get a 
resolution the problems I'm facing.
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