This kind of helped.  It helped on a vm with a single disk nfs mount using 
windows 10.

I tried it on a winserv 2016 and got weird non-responsiveness happening a lot.

Kind of surprised by the windows 10 box actually got full speed. 100MBps 
basically.  Way better than 5MBps.

Now if I could fix the non-responsiveness..  All these performance posts in 
here... kinda makes we wonder if anyone has anything organized about how to 
configure a single setup completely so that it "works".  It seems out of the 
box this stuff doesn't work. I don't even see light down the tunnel.  The 
people that say it's great give no info and the people that say they are having 
issues with extreme slowness don't appear to get help.

Maybe if I look at older threads I'll have more luck finding people satisfied 
with solutions related to performance.
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