I am looking to implement OVN with in my setup, but could use some guidance 
on the implementation.  As part of the implementation i am planning on 
moving from engine being installed on a physical server to running as a VM 
with in my environment.

I do not need to retain any historical data.  The plan would be to import 
the vm's into a new deployment of oVirt after getting everything setup.  
Currently i have a single host i plan on using for the initial deployment, 
but as vm's are moved over, i will be adding additional hosts.

With the deployment of oVirt 4.3.x the ovn provider is installed correctly.  
Is there a problem with installing the OVN Controller on the Hosted Engine?

Has any one found a good guide for setting up and deploying ovn in an oVirt 
hosted-engine environment?

Thank You,

Bryan Sockel
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