I’m trying to seal a RHEL8 template but the operation is failing.

Here’s the relevant information from engine.log:

2019-05-17 01:30:31,153-03 INFO  
[91e1acd6-efc5-411b-8c76-970def4ebbbe] FINISH, GetHostJobsVDSCommand, return: 
 type='virt', description='seal_vm', status='failed', progress='null', 
error='VDSError:{code='GeneralException', message='General Exception: ('Command 
[\'/usr/bin/virt-sysprep\', \'-a\', 
 failed with rc=1 out=\'[   0.0] Examining the guest ...\\nvirt-sysprep: 
warning: mount_options: mount exited with status 32: mount: \\nwrong fs type, 
bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/rhel_rhel8-root,\\n       missing 
codepage or helper program, or other error\\n\\n       In some cases useful 
info is found in syslog - try\\n       dmesg | tail or so. 
(ignored)\\nvirt-sysprep: warning: mount_options: mount: /boot: mount point is 
not a \\ndirectory (ignored)\\nvirt-sysprep: warning: mount_options: mount: 
/boot/efi: mount point is not \\na directory (ignored)\\n[  17.9] Performing 
"abrt-data" ...\\n\' err="virt-sysprep: error: libguestfs error: glob_expand: 
glob_expand_stub: you \\nmust call \'mount\' first to mount the root 
filesystem\\n\\nIf reporting bugs, run virt-sysprep with debugging enabled and 
include the \\ncomplete output:\\n\\n  virt-sysprep -v -x [...]\\n"',)'}'}}, 
log id: 1bbb34bf

I’m not shure what’s wrong or missing. The VM image is using UEFI with Secure 
Boot, so standard UEFI partition is in place.

Ive found something on bugzilla but does not seem to be related:

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