Hi everyone,

My name is Evgheni and I'm in charge of the infrastructure used by oVirt to
host the code, test it and serve packages to users. Currently we heavily
rely on our PHX data center [1] for these tasks. It consists of several
dozen bare metal servers that work as hypervisors, storage servers and bare
metal CI hosts. We use them quite effectively yet the amount of workload is
always growing so now is a good time to ask our community for help. If you
happen to have physical servers or VMs that could be used as part of oVirt
infra - please let us know. We created a page [2] describing hardware specs
that would allow us make the infra more stable and grow its capacity.

If you have any other ideas or input about the oVirt infra - feel free to
reach out to me or start a discussion on the Infra list [3].


[2] https://ovirt.org/community/get-involved/donate-hardware.html
[3] https://lists.ovirt.org/
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