You should be able to use DISM to create a slipstream ISO then you could add 
updates and drivers to this install media.

or use something like


                 Paul S.

From: Michal Skrivanek <>
Sent: 13 August 2019 13:34
To: Vinícius Ferrão
Cc: users
Subject: [ovirt-users] Re: Either allow 2 CD-ROM's or selectable *.vfd Floppy 
Images from Storage via Run Once other than from deprcated ISO-Storage

On 12 Aug 2019, at 15:05, Vinícius Ferrão 
<<>> wrote:

Ralf, you can change CD on the Load Drivers section.

Change for the oVirt Tools Disc, load the drivers and then change back to 

you can also use emulate drivers during installation, e.g. in Run Once dialog 
instead of virtio drivers

It's a bad workflow, I know. But it's how I'm doing here. I agree that the 
Windows Tools is not really friendly with oVirt.

go ahead and complain to Microsoft that they don't include virtio drivers in 
their installation images. Without that we can't really do much...they're just 
not there out of the box.


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On 12 Aug 2019, at 08:03, Ralf Schenk <<>> 


when Installing Windows VM's on Ovirt we need either 2 CD-ROM's attached as ISO 
Files (Installer ISO and Virtio-Win-ISO) to be able to install to 

In Ovirt 4.3.4 it is not possible to attach 2 CD-ROM's to a VM. So we have to 
use Floppy Images (virtio-win-*.vfd) attached to install drivers within 

We need to use "Run Once" to attach flopppy disks. There are only *.vfd 
selectable which are located on ISO-Storage.Domain, which will be deprecated 
now or then.

-> We won't be able to install Windows VM's from unmodified ISO Installer-CD's 
without ISO Storage Domain or making *.vfd Files selectable via "Run Once"

When will that be available... ?




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