Hi there,
I have a Xen Server 6.2 that we want to migrate its VMs to ovrt 4.3.5
on Centos.hosts.

I exported the VMs from Xen to an OVA file and placed the OVA file in
one of the Ovirt nodes.
While using the import OVA web interface I get this error:

VDSM hvm001.unachi.ac.pa command GetOvaInfoVDS failed: Internal
JSON-RPC error: {'reason': "Attempt to call function: <bound method
Global.getExternalVmFromOva of <vdsm.API.Global object at
0x7f558c050d10>> with arguments: (u'/opt/UNACHI VMs2.ova',) error: not
all arguments converted during string formatting"}

What will the correct procedure be?


Erick Perez
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