I see evidence that appears to be a problem with gluster.  /var/log/messages 
has multiple occurrences of: WARNING: /dev/gluster_vg1/lv_<name>:  Thin's 
tihin-pool needs inspection.  Also, if I run  vgs I am returned info for my 
other volume groups but not gluster_vg1.  Lastly, when reviewing journalctl -xb 
| grep -i timed  I see messages from systemd
Job dev-gluster_vg1-lv_vmdisks.device/start timed.out.
Timed out waiting for device dev-glustet_vg1-lv_vmdisks.device

Thses messages are happening for both

 I did review the article here but I am unable to change to VG1.

Can anyone assist with a procedure on how to repair? 
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