Hello all,
I am trying to setup a bridge. I have 3 virtual machines. The 1st acting as 
router, the second acting as bridge and the 3rd is the client, like the 
following diagram
                          BRIDGE                                CLIENT
internet(ovirtmng network) ----- [eth0  router --eth1 ] -------[eth0 --[br0]-- 
eth1] -------[--eth Windows 10]

The problem is that windows 10 is not able to connect the internet although is 
able to allocate ip. I use ovirt external network to connect the VMs to each 
It seems that Windows 10 sends ARP to BRIDGE, the BRIDGE sends the ARP to 
ROUTER but the replies are not passing the br0 when it comes a reply from 
ROUTER to Windows 10.
I use oVirt 4.3.6. Do you know what should be the issue ? Is there a chance 
that ovirt blocking the bridge?
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