On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 4:38 AM <rw...@ropeguru.com> wrote:
> So thinking about my setup, I am thinking through different failure scenarios.
> So lets say I have a small physical server with 8 cores and 16GB RAM and I 
> install Centos 7 and ovirt-engine on bare metal. This would also be the same 
> scenario is the engine were on a VM.
> I run into a major hardware issue and completely lose the engine.

You do take backups, right? :-)

For the engine itself, you can use engine-backup.

> How does one recover the cluster setup and not have to start from scratch by 
> having to rebuild all the nodes? Can the engine just be rebuilt and the ovirt 
> nodes be imported?

You didn't mention your plans re storage.

If you put your VMs on well-handled storage, and lose everything but
the storage, you can install a new engine, new nodes, and then import
the VMs from the existing storage. You will still miss some
configuration etc., but should mostly be ok.

If you plan to use gluster storage using the same nodes, aka HCI, the
same applies, obviously, only that the nodes are your storage, and not
an external system. You still have to make sure you handle them
properly - backup, DR, etc., depending on your needs and budget.

If you do have engine-backup backups, but lost all your storage,
engine-backup will not help you.

> This scenario is based on the nodes being built from the ovirt node iso.

That's ok, but is not relevant. Main question is the storage. Can be
external or local/gluster with either ovirt-node or EL.

Good luck,

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