Hi, My goal is to set up the latest oVirt on a dedicated server (Hetzner) with 
a single NIC and IP. Then using a Reverse Proxy and/or VPN (on the same host) 
to manage connections to VMs. I expected I could add a subnet as an alias to 
the main interface, or set it up on VLAN, or using vSwitch at the last resort, 
but all my attempts failed. Some configurations work until the first reboot, 
then VDSM screw up the main interface and I lost connection to the server, or 
Hosted Engine doesn't start from global maintenance. I've run out of good ideas 
already. I'm extremely sorry if this question already been discussed somewhere, 
but I found nothing helpful. I would be very appreciated for any hint on how to 
achieve this or at least a confirmation that the desired configuration is 
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