On January 28, 2020 7:37:44 PM GMT+02:00, jeremy_tourvi...@hotmail.com wrote:
>I have built a system as a template on oVirt.  Specifically, Ubuntu
>18.04 server.  
>I am noticing an issue when creating new vms from that template.  I
>used the check box for "seal template" when creating the template.
>When I create a new Ubuntu VM I am getting duplicate IP addresses for
>all the machines created from the template.
>It seems like the checkbox doesn't fully function as intended.  I would
>need to do further manual steps to clear up this issue.
>Has anyone else noticed this behavior?  Is this expected or have I
>missed something?  
>Thanks for your input!
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Are you using dhcp ?
If yes, thrn - this should not happen.
When you create a new VM , please check the MAC address of the VM ?
Also you can try to run 'virt-sysprep'  on the Template's disk and check the 
output for errors.

Best Regards,
Sttrahil Nikolov
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