I’m with a scenario with a lost hosted-engine. For reasons unknown the backup 
is broken and I’ve tried everything: redeploy with backup file, deploy a new 
one and them restore the backup. Changed the HE storage domain in both cases 
just be sure. Reinstalled one of the hosts just to be safe but nothing worked.

So I just deployed a brand new engine and now I want to import back the VM’s.

My scenario right now is:

ovirt1 brand new with the new VM in a new storage domain.
ovirt2 have production VMs running without any issue.

So my questions right now:
        * What happens if I just add the ovirt2 machine to the new engine? It 
will reboot or will add everything back: storage, networks etc?

My plan right now would be:
        * Reconfigure the DC and the cluster.
        * Readd all the networks.
        * Reattach the storage domains.
        * Recreate all the VM”s attaching it’s disks.

Is there’s something that I can do better to mitigate the work?

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