I re-did the test and it seems that the minimum RPO is one day and if
someone could confirm that would be great

As for the snapshot this time it was synced

Then I tried to test the fail back and I found that the documentation is
not clear :
- it is not clear what is the purpose of the dr-clear playbook
- it is not clear what does mean : put the target volume in read write mode
and source volume in read-only mode
- Do we have to sync back using a new georeplication link from the dr
volume to source volume?
I tried to so, in my first trial I forced the creation of the back
georeplication without deleting the content of the source volume then I
started the replication manually  (I didn't use the checkpoint) and I
stopped the replication once it reached the changelog state, but I couldn't
import the source volume I got the error : volume is not empty

In my second trial I deleted and recreated the source volume from scratch
and the i started the replication back manually at the end I got the error

In my third trial I deleted the source volume and recreated it from scratch
but I replicated back using the check point method and this time the fail
back worked.

 Could someone sheds some light on this?

Thank you

Le dim. 29 mars 2020 19:19, wodel youchi <wodel.you...@gmail.com> a écrit :

> Hi,
> Need to understand somethings about DR on oVirt-HI
>    - What does mean : Scheduling regular backups using geo-replication
>    (point 3.3.4 RHHI 1.7 Doc Maintaining RHHI) :
>       - Does this mean creating a check-point?
>       - If yes, does this mean that the geo-replication process will sync
>       data up to that check-point and then stops the synchronization, then 
> repeat
>       the same cycle the day after? does this mean that the minimum RPO is one
>       day?
>    - I created a snapshot of a VM on the source Manager, I synced the
>    volume then I executed a DR, The VM was started on the Target Manager but
>    the VM didn't have its snapshot, any idea???
> Regards, be safe.
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