I have a question for the developers: Why use gluster? Why not Pacemaker or 
something with better performance stats?

Just curious.


Eric Evans

Digital Data Services LLC.



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Does the hyperconverged installation now work with glusterfs?
I tested alpha/beta1/2 and the latter won't get past the storage step. 


Not yet. There was the issue with glusterfs storage domain and storage domain 
blocksize probe check.

This is addressed with a new ioprocess-1.4.1 package for the bug[1].


We are testing currently with this fix and it works well. But hitting yet 
another issue, where Hosted Engine deployment

fails at the very last stage in the deployment. Gluster developer is looking in 
to it, as I respond here.

Soon we will have a working build and I will let you once these issues are 


[1] - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1820283 






Thanks for the message. Looking through the logs I saw references to the 
blocksize but since that is contained in the ansible scripts which get 
downloaded to the host I gave up finding the source versions to try to see it I 
could get it going beyond that failing step. 

Anyway, thanks for informing me,



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