I have thought about the issue with Windows vm's reporting the timezone 
incorrectly. I reaqlized that just last month, before I created my vm's that 
the  Daylight Savings Time took affect moving our time up 1 hour. SO, based on 
that, instead of setting my time zone to US Eastern (GMT -5), I set it to SA 
Western (GMT -4) and the nasty exclamation mark disappeared. 
This tells me that DST (Daylight Savings Time) is not an option or configurable 
in Ovirt. I think this should be an easy fix for those of use that are stuck 
with it. 
I don't think the rest of the world participates in DST but most of the United 
States does. It would be nice to have those zones added as a configurable 
option that would switch on the dates it is nationally indicated to change.
I hope the developers read this.
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