Hi oVirt community,

I'm playing with a multitenant use-case in oVirt 3.4.6... My setup is as 
- I have two working Data Centers (DC1 and DC2)
- I created two additional users DC1-admin and DC2-admin
- In DC1 permission settings I've added DC1-admin as a user with a builtin 
DataCenterAdmin Role.
- In DC2 permission settings I've added DC2-admin as a user with a builtin 
DataCenterAdmin Role.

Now in terms of permissions all is good: DC1-admin is not able to modify 
anything in DC2 and DC2-admin is not able to modify anything in DC1.

However in both the Admin Portal and the VM Portal DC1-admin and DC2-admin can 
still see all other datacenter resources.
My expectation was that if I login to the Admin Portal as e.g. DC2-admin I will 
only see DC2 datacenter in the GUI and nothing else. Same with VM Portal. I 
played with different user settings but I couldn't make it work...

I think the problem is that whatever user you create it will always belong to 
the build-in "everyone" group and inherit permission to see everything in the 
Is it possible to achieve a scenario where e.g. DC2-admin will login to the 
Admin Portal and only see resources that belong to DC2 and nothing else?


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