On Wed, May 20, 2020 11:19 am, Sandro Bonazzola wrote:
> Il giorno mer 20 mag 2020 alle ore 16:33 <tho...@hoberg.net> ha scritto:
>> My enthusiasm for CentOS8 is limited.
>> My enthusiasm for a hard migration even more so.
>> So how much time do I have before 4.3 becomes inoperable?
> oVirt 4.3.10 is approaching GA and we expect 4.3.11 to be released too
> before declaring 4.3 at the end of life.
> After that, 4.3 should keep working till CentOS 7 or any other repo on the
> system will break it with some incompatible change.
> I totally understand system administrators' point of view and how
> difficult
> it is to find a good maintenance window for a busy production
> environment, ensuring backups are recent enough, check new requirements
> matching, give it a try on a test environment if it's available and so on.
> That said, I would really encourage starting to plan a maintenance window
> for upgrading to 4.4 as soon as practical.
> It will be easier to help with upgrade from 4.3 at this time than 2 years
> from now when 4.3 can be broken (or new hardware replacement will be
> missing drivers on CentOS 7) and there won't be any additional release for
> fixing upgrade incompatibilities.

I can't speak to other people, but the lack of "ovirt-shell" for 4.4 is a
deal-breaker for me to upgrade at this time, and probably for the
forseeable future.  I've been working on migrating my mail server for 3
years now and still haven't finished that; migrating ovirt to a new
platform that requires new startup support??  Haha.

Granted, I suspect SOME of the reasons I have this script might be
implemented in 4.4 (e.g. auto-start of VMs).  However, my understanding of
the auto-start feature is that it's really an auto-restart -- it will
restart a VM that was running if the datacenter crashes, but if I shut it
down manually and then "reboot" the cluster, those VMs wont come back
automatically.  As I am on a single-host system, I need it to start from a
clean shutdown and bring up all the VMs in addition to dealing with
power-outage reboots.

I work from the "if it aint broke, don't fix it" camp.  So I think I'm
going to stick with 4.3 until I can't anymore.

I am happy to share my startup script if someone else wants to port it to
work with 4.4.  :-)


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