On May 20, 2020 5:12:05 PM GMT+03:00, tho...@hoberg.net wrote:
>OK ;-)
>3 node HCI 2+1 data/arbiter
>added 3 compute-only nodes via host install without HE support which
>add no storage to the gluster (install still adds them as peers).
>With 2 compute-only nodes inactive/down I updated the third compute
>node (no contributing bricks) and saw all VMs pausing and glusterd on
>the HCI nodes "lost quorum on brick engine/vmstore/data" when it
>rebooted to activate the new kernel.
>Had to launch additional compute-only node to let glusterd on HCI nodes
>recover quorum.
>Seems glusterd computes quorum based on total peers (6) not on
>redundancy (2+1).
>With the gluster volumes down, running VMs remain paused according th
>virsh, HE and UI aren't there, hosted-engine --vm-status reports "not
>retrieved from storage"
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Hi Thomas,

Quite  strange.
Get to  one of the gluster tsp nodes and provide  some data:

gluster volume list
gluster pool list
for i in $(gluster  volume list); do gluster  volume status $i;echo; gluster 
volume status $i; echo;echo;echo; done

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov
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