Nir Soffer <> writes:

> Why not open RFE to add the feature you need?

I did -- about 3-4 years ago.  SOME of them have been implemented, some
have been partially implemented, but I am still waiting for ovirt to
support the full VM startup functionality that I had in vmware-server
from like 2007 (or earlier).

Part of the issue here is that I suspect most ovirt users have multiple
hosts and therefore rarely have to worry about how host-system
maintenance affects the VMs, and probably live in data centers with
redundant power supplies, UPSes, and backup generators.

I, on the other hand, I've got a single system so when I need to
perform any maintenance I need to take down everything, or if I have a
power outage that outlasts my UPS, or...  I want the VMs to come back up
automatically -- and in a particular order (e.g., I need my DNS and KDC
servers to come up before others).

I filed these RFEs during the 4.0 days, which is when I first started
using ovirt and put it into deployment.

> You can use the python SDK to do anything supported by oVirt API.
> Did you look here?

I have looked there, but I stopped reading after seeing "python".  ;)
Frankly I detest python.  I think it's an abomination.  There are so
many other, better languages out there and I don't understand why so
many people like it (and worse, force it down everyone else's throats).
But I'll step off my soap-box (and get off my lawn!)  lol.

Honestly, I already spent the time to build a tool to do what I need.  I
even had to update the tool going from 4.1 to 4.3 because some startup
assumptions changed.  I really don't want to spend the time again, time
I frankly don't have right now, to re-implement what I've already got.
It's easier for me to just stay put on 4.3.x.

Yes, I realize that in about 2 years or so I will need to do so.  I'll
worry about that then.

Of course, since the (partial?) functionality is only in 4.4, I really
have no way to test it to make sure it does what I need, so see what I'm
missing.  I don't have a testbed to play with it, just my one system.


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       Computer and Internet Security Consultant
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