On May 22, 2020 12:01:04 AM GMT+03:00, "Vinícius Ferrão via Users" 
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>I think OVN is broken due to this:
>Some of the features included in the oVirt 4.4.0 release require
>content that will be available in CentOS Linux 8.2 but cannot be tested
>on RHEL 8.2 yet due to some incompatibility in the openvswitch package
>that is shipped in CentOS Virt SIG, which requires rebuilding
>openvswitch on top of CentOS 8.2. The cluster switch type OVS is not
>implemented for CentOS 8 hosts.
>But I may be wrong.
>On 21 May 2020, at 12:06, Strahil Nikolov via Users
><users@ovirt.org<mailto:users@ovirt.org>> wrote:
>Hello All,
>I  would like to ask  for some  assistance  with  the planing  of the
>upgrade to 4.4 .
>I have  issues with the  OVN (doesn't work at all),  thus  I would like
>to start fresh with the HE.
>The plan so far (downtime is not an issue) :
>1. Reinstall  the nodes one by 1 and  rejoin them in the Gluster  TSP
>2. Wipe  the HostedEngine's gluster  volume
>3. Deploy a fresh hosted  engine
>4. Import the storage  domains (gluster) back to the  engine and import
>the VMs
>Do you see any issues  with the plan ?
>Any problems expected  if the VMs do have snapshots?  What about the
>storage  domain version ?
>Thanks  in Advance.
>Best Regards,
>Strahil Nikolov
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I was  talking that my current OVN is broken (4.3.9) , not after the update. 
I'm sorry I didn't clariify that in a more clear way.

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov
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