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On Tue, Mar 10, 2020 at 7:25 PM Alan G <alan+ov...@griff.me.uk> wrote:
> Hi,
> I hit a few issues while performing a recent HE install of 4.3. While I 
> managed to find solutions/workarounds to all the problems I thought I might 
> share them here

Thanks, that's appreciated!

> * As defined in the Ansible defaults the temp dir for building the local HE 
> VM is /var/tmp. I was 80M short of the required space and there did not 
> appear to be a (supported) way to specify a different
location. I ended up having to do a bind mount of /var/tmp to get me
through the install. Would be nice to be able to specify a custom

You can affect this via the ansible var he_local_vm_dir_path . I don't
think we have this documented anywhere, or even whether that's easily
settable by the user.

> * Permissive umask required. Our CIS CentOS 7 build requires that default 
> umask is 027. This breaks the installer as it creates the VM image under 
> /var/tmp as root and cannot then access it as qemu user. As the temp files 
> are cleaned up on failure it took me a while to track this one down. My 
> solution was to temporarily set the umask to 022 for the session while 
> running the installer. It would be nice if the installer either handled this 
> by doing a chmod/chown as required, or at least doing a umask pre-check and 
> failing with a meaningful error.
> * SSH root login required on host. Again for CIS we have "PermitRoologin no" 
> configured in sshd. This means the add host task fails on the Engine, but 
> instead of a hard failure we get a timeout on the installer. Which left me 
> chasing some imagined routing/bridging/DNS issue. Eventually I realised I 
> could get to the engine logs and found the issue but took several hours. 
> Would be nice if the installer could either support a sudo option or at least 
> perform a root login pre-check and fail with a meaningful error.

Also both of these make sense. Would you like to open RFE bugs to
track these issues?

For latter, we had in the past:


Perhaps you can reopen, to show your interest, although the details
have changed since then, as we now use ansible (in 4.4, fully. In 4.3,

Best regards,
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