On sobota 30. května 2020 19:59:40 CEST matteo fedeli wrote:
> Hi! I' installed CentOS 8 and ovirt package following this step:
> systemctl enable --now cockpit.socket
> yum install https://resources.ovirt.org/pub/yum-repo/ovirt-release44.rpm
> yum module -y enable javapackages-tools
> yum module -y enable pki-deps
> yum module -y enable postgresql:12
> yum -y install glibc-locale-source glibc-langpack-en
> localedef -v -c -i en_US -f UTF-8 en_US.UTF-8
> yum update
> yum install ovirt-engine
> engine-setup (by keeping all default)
> It's possible ovirt-imageio-proxy service is not installed? 

yes, imageio-proxy was replaced by imageio-daemon is not installed any more. 
Daemon now takes all proxy responsibilities.

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