I think that feature  didn't work for  me  on 4.2.7 , so  I doubt  it ever  
It's  worth opening a  bugzilla.

Best Regards,
Strahil  Nikolov

На 2 юни 2020 г. 2:29:50 GMT+03:00, Jaret Garcia via Users <users@ovirt.org> 
>Hi guys I'm trying to deploy a new ovirt environmet based in version
>4.4 so I set up the following: 
>1 engine sever (stand alone) Version : 
>3 host servers (32 GB RAM, 2CPUs 8 core Xeon 5160, 500GB OS drive, 1
>storage 8TB drive and 1 SSD 256GB (I'm trying to create a brick with
>SSD cache with no success) 
>Detail of versions running on servers 
>OS Version: 
>RHEL - 8 - 1.1911.0.9.el8 
>OS Description: 
>oVirt Node 4.4.0 
>Kernel Version: 
>4.18.0 - 147.8.1.el8_1.x86_64 
>KVM Version: 
>4.1.0 - 23.el8.1 
>LIBVIRT Version: 
>VDSM Version: 
>SPICE Version: 
>0.14.2 - 1.el8 
>GlusterFS Version: 
>CEPH Version: 
>Open vSwitch Version: 
>Nmstate Version: 
>Engine server working fine, all 3 host servers already part of the
>default cluster as hypervisors, then when I try to create a brick in
>any of the servers, using the 8TB HHDD and SSD as cache the process
>fails, in the GUI it just says "failed to creat brick on host" 
>However in engine log as well as in brick-setup log I see: "err" : "
>Physical volume \"/dev/sdc\" still in use\n" "failed" : true,, (sdc in
>this case is the 8TB HHDD) 
>Attached files of both logs. 
>Thanks in advance, 
>Jaret Garcia 
>Next Generation IT & Telecom 
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