I've successfully migrated to a new 4.4 engine, now managing the older 4.3 
(CentOS 7) nodes. So far so good there.

I installed a new CentOS 8 node w/ 4.4, joined it to the Gluster peer group, 
and it can see all of the volumes, but the node won't go into Online state in 
the engine because of apparent gluster-related VDSM errors:
Status of host butter was set to NonOperational.
Gluster command [<UNKNOWN>] failed on server <UNKNOWN>.
VDSM butter command ManageGlusterServiceVDS failed: The method does not exist 
or is not available: {'method': 'GlusterService.action'}

I haven't been able to find anything in the VDSM or Engine logs that give me 
any hint as to what's going on (besides just repeating that the 
"GlusterSerice.action" method doesn't exist). Anybody know what I'm missing, or 
have hints on where to dig to debug further?
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