Maybe  you miss  a rpm.
Do you have vdsm-gluster  package installed  ?

Best  Regards,
Strahil Nikolov

На 2 юни 2020 г. 19:18:43 GMT+03:00, написа:
>I've successfully migrated to a new 4.4 engine, now managing the older
>4.3 (CentOS 7) nodes. So far so good there.
>I installed a new CentOS 8 node w/ 4.4, joined it to the Gluster peer
>group, and it can see all of the volumes, but the node won't go into
>Online state in the engine because of apparent gluster-related VDSM
>Status of host butter was set to NonOperational.
>Gluster command [<UNKNOWN>] failed on server <UNKNOWN>.
>VDSM butter command ManageGlusterServiceVDS failed: The method does not
>exist or is not available: {'method': 'GlusterService.action'}
>I haven't been able to find anything in the VDSM or Engine logs that
>give me any hint as to what's going on (besides just repeating that the
>"GlusterSerice.action" method doesn't exist). Anybody know what I'm
>missing, or have hints on where to dig to debug further?
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